Hi, I'm Esther. I turn 19 this year.

I enjoy taking photos, sitting at cafe's, and eating good food. I absolutely love flowers and scented candles.

I am an extrovert in social settings, but I can also be an introvert. I cannot be out and about meeting people for long, and will need to recuperate back at home for many days as a result. I find so much comfort in being alone and doing things on my own.

I absolutely cannot imagine my life without Jesus because, well just because. I just cannot describe how He has blessed me and seen me through and through. I am also grateful for my family and friends who has been me support systems.

This blog was started based on spontaneity. I woke up one day and thought to myself, lets just start up a public blog. I've always had my own private blog, simply for my own "let outs", and so I thought this new public blog would give me a chance to focus on the good things in my life, share my experiences, encourage, as well as to express all the things I want to out to the public.

So whats the story behind 'Catching Paper Planes'? Well. . . paper planes are always aimed for the sky but are always destined to fall. I believe people are like paper planes, capable of accomplishing so much. The difference is, they are susceptible to falling, not destined. I have always been quite the one to empathise with people and I never like seeing someone in pain. Let alone those close to me. And so I hope to live life trying to catch those paper planes instead of letting them fall down to the ground.

I hope you enjoy my posts & I hope you support this new adventure I'm beginning to go on. I don't know how well I'll do with blog posting but I'll do my best.. given I just bought my blog layout!

Have a lovely day, and know that you are beautiful and wonderful and loved. x

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