"Come as you are." - Jesus

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

So lay down your burdens,
Lay down your shame,
All who are broken,
Lift up your face. 

Oh wanderer come home,
You're not too far,
So lay down your hurt, 
Lay down your heart. 

Come as you are,
Come as you are,
Fall in His arms,
Come as you are. 

There is joy in the morning,
Oh sinner be still;
Earth has no sorrow,
Heaven can't heal. 

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I love this song because this song brings about comfort at whatever stage you are in, in life. It gives hope to every person because it reminds us of the greatness of His love for us. Tonight as I sit on my bed and ponder as to how time passes by so quickly (especially when you want it to just stop), I am reminded to place every burden I have into His hands.

It is nice to know that Jesus truly satisfies every need and that whatever we need is found in Him. Whatever we need to fix our broken hearts, fill our empty souls and heal our punctured wounds, we can find all of that in Him. I love how I can come to Him on a good day, and also on a bad day. I'm so thankful He doesn't look at my surface appearance and decide then on whether I'm worthy of being helped. I love that He takes all of us in; clean, tidy, dirty, messy. I love that He allows us to come as we are, and get help from Him.

I love that He doesn't pick and choose. He embraces each one of us, no matter what we've done or whether we deserve Him. So thank You, for calling me to come to You from wherever I am. Whether my hands are dirty and stained, or whether I'm clean and tidy, thank You for loving me & for being there for me.

Tonight, I rest in You. I rest in the fact that You know my heart's desires. You know my needs. But above all, You have good plans for me. Thank You for everything.


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