Friday, February 13, 2015

Tonight if you are dreading tomorrow, or the few hours till the clock strikes midnight indicating that it is Valentine's.. know this: Valentine's is only just a normal day with 24 hours. The 14th of February just somehow has a special name, Valentine, and it can just be a normal day to you, only if you let it to be.

This post is dedicated mainly to all you single people out there trying to get through "the 14th of February" because I guess a lot of emotions can come along with the day itself. If you're feeling a little sad and lonely today, or feeling a bit jealous of the girls that get showered with love, chocolates and flowers.. just know that you don't need another person to provide you with that love. Know that true happiness can only be found from within, not from someone else. 

I will admit, getting flowers and gifts from someone feels great. Being able to wake up to a Valentine's text message, or having to go through a fun-packed day trip planned by your other half sounds absolutely wonderful. But that doesn't mean that Valentine's cannot be enjoyed by those who don't have other half's. 

You deserve all the happiness this world can offer. I sincerely mean that sentence to everyone I actually say it to. Because they do, they really do and so do you. You deserve to enjoy every day, (not just special days like Valentines) because you were made to enjoy life and live it to the fullest, whether or not you have someone there. 

I always believe that there is a difference between being alone and feeling lonely. You may be alone this Valentine's Day, and probably for a few more Valentine's Day.. but you most definitely shouldn't have to feel lonely. Spend the day with your girlfriends, or boys, your "brah's". A bunch of friends can actually be really fun to be with on Valentine's Day. Imagine all the laughters you can get from looking at cheesy couples with couple tees. *no hating here, just trying to make my V-Day a lot more fun* 

So whether or not you're loving V-Day because it gives you a chance to watch sappy romance novels and get all sceptical over romance, or whether you are dreading it and know you'll have a hard time tomorrow, or if you really are looking forward to it because you have something planned with your special someone, everyone who falls into either three categories deserves to have a great day. Tomorrow shouldn't just be a reason that everyone is sad/happy. Like i said, tomorrow is just another day and just like any other day.. you deserve to feel happy. You do not need to pity yourself nor get pity from others. You just need to know that you are nothing less than your friends who have someone in their lives. You are equally as good, equally as loved and equally are enough. You should be proud of yourself for waiting it out, for slowly waiting for the right person to cross paths with you. So no self-pity, no self-degrading comments. 

I am so happy, that I get to wind down Friday in bed with my TV series 'Scandal', spend some time with my baby sister whom I will not see for a few months, get some advice from mum, type this blog post.. and spend some time with Jesus. I couldn't ask for a better pre-Vday day. I hope you have a lovely day ahead of you, and remember that Jesus loves you! 


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